BSL Scaffolding: Health and Safety Statement

The management team at BSL Scaffolding LTD is committed to providing a Safe and Healthy working environment for our employees and customers alike. This includes our base of operations, our vehicles and customer sites as places of work. We are continually working to develop and maintain a robust Health and Safety programme to ensure the safety of our people and our customers.

This programme includes the following:

  • The implementation of a Health and Safety Programme to ensure that all workplace hazards are identified and the correct measures are taken to control these hazards.
  • Our programme is reviewed and monitored regularly to identify changing conditions and circumstances in the workplace.
  • Any accidents are reported, recorded and investigated regardless of the severity.
  • BSL Scaffolding LTD keeps accurate records of workplace hazards as part of its Health and Safety Management programme.
  • BSL Scaffolding LTD values the input of our people to participate in the development of our Health and Safety practices.
  • We ensure that our plant and work place systems and procedures are subjected to a robust testing and hazard assessment before being implemented.
  • All BSL Scaffolding employees and contractors are trained and provided with accurate information to undertake their duties safely.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) is required and supplied to maintain the health and safety of our people. BSL Scaffolding LTD ensures our people are adequately trained in its effective use, maintenance and storage.
  • Should a workplace injury or illness occur BSL Scaffolding LTD will work proactively with the Accident Compensation Commission to achieve a desirable outcome for the individual utilising appropriate treatment and rehabilitation practices.
  • The BSL Scaffolding Health and Safety programme is reviewed and revised on a regular basis and is kept in line with Health and Safety legislation.
  • BSL Scaffolding LTD will always work closely with our customers to ensure we are compliant with their individual Health and Safety policies and procedures.

The Safety and wellbeing of our people is a priority and we are committed to ensuring their Health and Safety is protected and maintained in all workplace environments.